Finleif Mortensen

The Faroese artist Finleif Mortensen creates vibrant and colourful impressions of the Faroe Islands.

Finleif Mortensen grew up in the village of Argir outside Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. His artistic debut took place in 1985 at ‘Olavsøkuframsyningin’, a juried exhibition in the Faroe Islands. Since then, he has had several separate exhibitions at galleries and exhibition venues, both in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark.

Finleif Mortensen’s upbringing in the unique Faroese nature forms the basis for his paintings, inspired by the many villages located near the sea. In Finleif Mortensen’s work the clear contours dissolve as a consequence of the ever-changing light, much as it was as with the Impressionists. The result is an abstract expression in which the naturalistic figuration is just barely visible.