The Affordable Art Adventure 2018.

True to tradition, and with Christmas in mind, you will find lots of inspiration at this year’s Affordable Art Adventure, opening on Saturday November 10th  2018.
Within the concept ‘Small Sizes – Small Prices’, the gallery presents an interesting variety of original artworks by Janina Pieniowska [S] – Niels Valentin [DK] – Finleif Mortensen [FO] – Effie Bezati [GR] – Rupert Sutton [UK] – Selma Mikladal [FO] – Liza Krügermeier.
The exhibition runs until December 22nd 2018.

‘Nude Pose’ by Rupert Sutton 2018

By Selma Mikladal 2018

By Niels Valentin2018

By Effie Bezati 2018

By Janina Pieniowska 2018

‘Garden View’ by Liza Krügermeier 2018