Møn Inside Out

13. July – 5. September 2019.
Works by Ingvald Holmefjord [NO] | Rupert Sutton [UK] | Trine Birgitte Bond [DK] | Niels Valentin [DK] | Laura Barüel [DK] | Selma Mikladal [FO] | Lykke Bianca [DK] | Janina Pieniowska [SE] | Liza Krügermeier [DK]

The exhibition ‘Møn Inside Out’ opens on Saturday July 13th 2019, presenting paintings, ceramics, textiles, plant printing, drawing, collage, sculpture and installation by 9 Danish and international artists.

The exhibition presents the many different aspects of Møn. It is seen uniquely through the eyes of the artists, whether it be the nature of landscape and sea or the architecture seen from an interior or exterior view.

The exhibition can be seen until September 5th 2019.

‘Crossroads at Night’ by Rupert Sutton

Ceramics by Trine Birgitte Bond

‘Møns Klint’ by Ingvald Holmefjord

‘Interior in Pink’ by Liza Krügermeier

By Niels Valentin