Møn Impressions

Works by Rupert Sutton. 7. March – 17. May 2018.

Rupert Sutton presents a whole new range of paintings from the island of Møn, when his solo-exhibition opens on Saturday March 17th, 2018. The exhibition runs until May 17th, 2018.
Rupert has captured some of his favourite images of Møn, drawing from his experience of living and working on the secluded island for 10 years. Having previously concentrated  on landscapes in acrylics, here Rupert displays  a more varied approach that includes works in oils, illustrations and portraits.
Rupert has run Liza’s Gallery together with Liza Krügermeier since the they opened their doors in 2007. His colourful, descriptive work has been exhibited all over the globe, from London to Hong Kong, but examples of his work are always on display in the gallery.

‘Autumn’ by Rupert Sutton

‘Summer’ by Rupert Sutton

‘At Stege Nor’ by Rupert Sutton

Rupert Sutton