20 x 20 2020

An exhibition of small size paintings by Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier. 21. November – 22. December 2020.

The exhibition ’20 x 20 2020′ opens on Saturday November 21st 2020 and as the title implies, Rupert Sutton and Liza Krügermeier have each created a whole new series of small size paintings, all in the format of – yes – 20 x 20 centimetres.

The gallery welcomes everybody to a colourfull and varied exhibition with many subjects in this ‘patchwork-puzzle’ of paintings.

The exhibition can be seen until December 22nd 2020.

‘Leros Island I’ by Rupert Sutton

‘Flowers’ by Liza Krügermeier

‘Interior with Pot’ by Liza Krügermeier

‘Leros Island II’ by Rupert Sutton