La Femme

Group exhhibition with works by Jenny Tyson, Janina Pieniowska, Emma Søndergaard Jensen and Rupert Sutton. 5. August – 7. September 2017

Meet the artists at the opening on Saturday August 5th th 2017. The exhibition runs until August 7th 2017.

With different approaches, these four artists explore the female form in ‘La Femme’ – a tribute to  the Woman, an endless source of inspiration to artists throughout time.

Jenny Tyson is based in West Sussex, England, and has studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art. She prefers to paint from life  in order to convey a more direct emotional expression. Here she presents a series of atmospheric watercolours.
Danish artist, Emma Søndergaard Jensen, is inspired by the human form and shows a group of expressive and strong oil paintings.
Janina Pieniowska is a Swedish artist with Polish roots. She has studied art history at the University of Warsaw and painting at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm. Here she expresses herself with watercolours in a charming and often naive style.
Rupert Sutton has been drawing and painting the nude and female form for many years. In this particular exhibition, he presents a series of simple, colourful paintings on cardboard.

'The Bath Tub' by Rupert Sutton

‘The Bath Tub’ by Rupert Sutton

By Emma Søndergaard Jensen

By Emma Søndergaard Jensen

By Emma Søndergaard Jensen

By Emma Søndergaard Jensen

By Jenny Tyson

'Longing' by Rupert Sutton

‘Longing’ by Rupert Sutton