Alice in Wonderland

6. April – 11. July 2019.
Works by Sara Ashrafi [IR] | Lisa Lach-Nielsen [DK] | Vassilis Karakatsanis [GR] | Lill Fugl [DK] | Rupert Sutton [UK] | Karina Rungenfelde [LA] | Helle Høyer [DK] | Effie Bezati [GR] | Liza Krügermeier [DK]

The exhibition ‘Alice in Wonderland’ opens on Saturday April 6th 2019. Here, a group of Danish and Internatinal artists will present their artistic interpretations based on the famous tale, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

The exhibiton includes paintings and drawings, ceramics, objects and installations.

You are invited by the gallery to come and enjoy a surprisingly original and creative eperience.

The exhibition can be seen until July 11th 2019.

‘Staging a Party’ by Lisa Lach-Nielsen

‘Wonder Way’ by Karina Rungenfelde

Without title by Effie Bezati

‘The White Rabbit’ by Lill Fugl

‘Drinking Tea with Bill’ by Liza Krügermeier

‘The Mad Hatter’ by Sara Ashrafi

Objects by Vassilis Karakatsanis

‘Exit Wonderland’ by Helle Høyer