7. September – 3. November 2019.
Works by Roar Kjærnstad [NO] | Katie Sollohub [UK] | Janina Pieniowska [SE] | Rupert Sutton [UK] | Tanja Kaleovski [DK] | Susanne Kirså [DK]

The exhibition ‘Nostalgia’ opens on Saturday September 7th 2019, presenting painting and drawing, collage, sculpture and installation by 7 international artists.

‘Nostalgia’ has many different meanings and the artists each contribute with their own personal and unique interpretations.

The exhibition can be seen until November 3rd 2019.

By Rupert Sutton

By Tanja Kaleovski

By Susanne Kirså

By Roar Kjærnstad

By Katie Sollohub

By Janina Pieniowska