From a Painter’s Life

Works by Ingvald Holmefjord. 28. June – 24. July 2014

Ingvald Holmefjord’s exhibition ‘From a Painter’s Life’ opens on Saturday June 28th. The event takes place from 11.00 to 16.00.

At the exhibition ‘From a Painter’s Life’, Ingvald Holmefjord presents a series of oil paintings capturing the landscape and light around him. The olive groves, almond trees and cypresses in his beloved Corbiéres – and the flowers and pond in his Danish garden.  Ingvald Holmefjord has a unique sense of colour and light, presenting the viewer with a strong poetic expression.

Ingvald Holmefjord will be present at the vernissage on Saturday June 28th. Hereafter, the exhibition can be viewed Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10.00 to 18.00 and Sundays from 10.00 to 16.00. Mondays closed.

Ingvald Homefjord was born in Bergen, Norway in 1941. He was educated at the Bergen Arts & Crafts School (1957 to 1960) and from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen where he attended Søren Hjorth Nielsen and Richard Mortensen’s painting school in the years 1963 to 1972. In that last year he received the Silver Medal from the Academy.

In the years 1973, 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1990, Ingvald Holmefjord was awarded The Royal Danish Academy’s grant to continue his work.

The Norwegian artist has been living in Corbières in the South of France since 1988. Each year he also spends time on Stevns, inspired by the Danish countryside. He is a member of ‘Koloristerne’.

Ingvald Holmefjord sales:
The State Museum of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark
Roskilde Municipality, Denmark
Århus Municipality, Denmark
North Jutland’s Art Museum, Denmark
The State Art Foundation, Denmark
The New Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark
The Norwegian Art Foundation, Norway
The Trapholt Museum, Denmark
The Picture Gallery of Bergen, Norway
The Art Collection of Stavanger, Norway

Ingvald Holmefjord, solo exhibitions:
The Art Foundation of Bergen, Norway
The Art Foundation of Oslo, Norway
Hjørring Art Museum, Denmark
Galleri A-Gruppen, Denmark
Galleri Bossky, Denmark
Galleri Trap, Denmark
Galleri Gl. Lejre, Denmark
Galleri Meende, Denmark
Galleri Salling, Denmark
Liza’s Gallery, Denmark

Ingvald Holmefjord & Liza Krügermeier at Liza's Gallery, 2012

Ingvald Holmefjord & Liza Krügermeier at Liza’s Gallery, 2012

'Garden Flowers' by Ingvald Holmefjord

‘Garden Flowers’ by Ingvald Holmefjord

'Garden Flowers' by Ingvald Holmefjord

‘Garden Flowers’ by Ingvald Holmefjord

Ingvald Holmefjord at the exhibition, 'Landscape & Light', Liza's Gallery 2012

Ingvald Holmefjord at the exhibition, ‘Landscape & Light’, Liza’s Gallery 2012