Paintings by Rupert Sutton & Liza Krügermeier.

Rupert Sutton & Liza Krügermeier’ paintings in ‘Viva Cuba’ are inspired by the artist couple’s trip to Cuba in February 2013. They spent most of their time in Havana and Trinidad, photographing, sketching and painting on their way.
Rupert has concentrated on architectural shapes, colours and street scenes whereas Liza has been inspired by the patterns of the many stained glass windows in the Spanish colonial buildings, combined with her everlasting passion for fruits.

'Wheel Change, Havana' by Rupert Sutton

‘Wheel Change, Havana’ by Rupert Sutton

'Good Morning, Che. School, Trinidad' by Rupert Sutton

‘Good Morning, Che. School, Trinidad’ by Rupert Sutton

'Havana Inspiration II' by Liza Krügermeier

‘Havana Inspiration II’ by Liza Krügermeier

'Going Home, Trinidad' by Rupert Sutton

‘Going Home, Trinidad’ by Rupert Sutton