The Affordable Art Adventure 2016.

You will find lots of inspiration and ideas for Christmas presents at Liza’s Gallery this year.
In the gallery exhibition we present small size paintings and artwork by 7 different artists: Karina Rungenfelde (Latvia), Francisco Gordillo Arredondo (Cuba), Effie Bezati (Greece), Rupert Sutton (UK/DK), Janina Pieniowska (Sweden) and Liza Krügermeier (DK).
We are looking forward to welcoming you !

'Girl with Reindeer' by Karina Rungenfelde

‘Girl with Reindeer’ by Karina Rungenfelde

'Breakfast in Bed' by Janina Pieniowska

‘Breakfast in Bed’ by Janina Pieniowska

Without title by Effie Bezati

Without title by Effie Bezati

'Mi Mama Oya' by Francisco Gordillo Arredondo

‘Mi Mama Oya’ by Francisco Gordillo Arredondo