The Human Form

Group Exhibition. September 10th – October 22nd 2022

The Autumn Exhibition opens on on September 10th. The exhibition is titled ‘The Human Form’ and it focuses on us humans – of all sexes, in all shapes, forms and settings.

The exhibiting artists include Roar Kjærnstad, Stig Valeur Andersen, Janina Pieniowska, Lars Kastanje, Emma Søndergaard Jensen, Rupert Sutton, Lise Tang and Liza Krügermeier. Works include paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

Visitors can look forward to explore end engage in an exhibition of many different expressions varied and intriguing experience.

The exhibition can be seen until June 4th 2022.

By Emma Søndergaard Jensen

By Lars Kastanje

By Lise Tang

By Rupert Sutton

‘The Blue Room’ by Roar Kjærnstad

‘Suffragettes’ by Janina Pieniowska

‘Still Life with Fairies of the Summer’ by Liza Krügermeier

By Stig Valeur Andersen