Zoology 2

Group Exhibition. April 2nd – June 4th 2022

On April 2nd, the Gallery is hosting the first Vernissage in 2022 where 9 artists are presenting different series of new works under the title ‘Zoology2’.

The exhibiting artists include Lene Vidding, Martin Øbakke, Lykke Bianca, Effie Bezati, Niels Peter Andreasen, Lise Tang, Lill Fugl, Laura Barüel and Liza Krügermeier. Works include paintings, objects, textile, installation and ceramics.

Visitors can look forward to a varied and intriguing Food-for-Thought- experience. With a mixture of serious and humorous ways to look upon the insects, birds, fishes and animals in general – the exhibition invites visitors to engage with the zoological world. A world we all need to live in balance with in order to secure a sustainable future with a rich biodiversity.

The exhibition can be seen until June 4th 2022.

Watercolours by Lykke Bianca

By Effie Bezati

By Lill Fugl

*The Last Supper’ by Liza Krügermeier

By Lise Tang

By Lene Vidding

By Martin Øbakke

By Lykke Bianca

By Niels Peter Andreasen

By Laura Barüel